The Great Food Truck Race - Season 3 Episode 3

A number of food trucks in a competition to see who earns the most money, with the lowest earning truck kicked off at the end of each episode.

Genre: Reality

Country: USA

Episode: 3/68 eps

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2010

IMDb: 6.6

Season 1 - The Great Food Truck Race
"In the series premiere, seven gourmet food trucks arrive in San Diego, where the teams will compete to see who can make the most money. The losing truck returns home, while the rest continue on their cross-country quest for $50,000. Tyler Florence hosts."
"The six remaining teams arrive in Santa Fe, N.M., and they're greeted by a snowstorm, which complicates the challenge."
"The trucks head to Fort Worth, where the teams will have to carve a challenging cut of meat and incorporate it into their menus."
"The four remaining teams make their way to New Orleans, where surprise catfish cook-off awaits them."
"The food trucks head to Jonesborough, Tenn., a small town with only 5000 residents (aka potential customers). Later, they're challenged to cook a five-course meal in the style of a pioneer-era chuck wagon."
"Season 1 concludes as the two remaining trucks arrive in New York City and the teams race to find customers in all five boroughs. Then, in the final cooking challenge, each team must prepare the other's signature dish before the $50,000 grand prize is awarded to the winners."
Season 2 - The Great Food Truck Race
"Eight gourmet food trucks begin their cross-country quest for $100,000 in Malibu, Cal., in the Season 2 opener. The first challenge has the teams creating inventive dishes using one lobster and fresh produce. Then, the trucks move on to Las Vegas."
"The trucks arrive in Salt Lake City, where sausages are to be made at a Creminelli Fine Meats production facility. Chef Ryan Lowder is the guest judge."
"The trucks roll into Colorado, where the teams harvest morel mushrooms and create original dishes, which will be judged by local chef Frank Bonanno. Later, NFL legend John Elway presents the teams with a Speed Bump challenge."
"The five remaining teams arrive in Manhattan, Kan., where they're tasked with creating original dishes on a five-dollar budget.. Later, they sell their food to Kansas State University students."
"The four remaining trucks roll into Memphis for a barbecue challenge. Local barbecue legend Jim Neely serves as a guest judge."
"In Atlanta, the teams must beg and borrow ingredients from locals when creating original dishes that incorporate Georgia peaches and peanuts. The winning team gets a guaranteed spot in the finals."
"The two remaining food trucks arrive in Miami and embark on a grueling three-day final challenge in the Season 2 finale. The first team to cross the finish line receives $100,000."
Season 3 - The Great Food Truck Race
"Eight teams of aspiring food-truck owners arrive in Los Angeles and begin competing for their own food truck and $50,000 of seed money to start their business in the Season 3 opener."
"The seven remaining trucks arrive in Flagstaff, Ariz., and the teams are tasked with creating a dish featuring prickly-pear cactus, a local delicacy. Chef Beau MacMillan is a guest judge."
"Ballpark-inspired fare is made when the teams visit the Amarillo National Bank Sox Stadium, home of the Amarillo Sox, a minor-league baseball team."
"The five remaining teams head to the college town of Fayetteville, Ark., and are tasked with using Pop-Tarts to create breakfast dishes for hungry college students. Acclaimed teen chef Jeremy Salamon is a guest judge."
"The four remaining teams arrive in Nashville and prepare a picnic for the country-music duo Joey + Rory. Later, two members of each team must sit out of a challenge while their other teammates train culinary students to do their jobs."
"The teams create gourmet dishes using tomatoes. Outback Steakhouse cofounder Tim Gannon serves as a guest judge. Later, the food trucks are taken in to be serviced, and the teams must sell their dishes from golf carts."
"The final two teams race to Boston in the Season 3 finale. Once they arrive, they are tasked with adding an authentic New England lobster dish to their menu. Two lobstermen rate the dishes and award the winner a head start to Maine, where they'll sell head-to-head one last time before host Tyler Florence counts their money and reveals the winners."
Season 4 - The Great Food Truck Race
"Season 4 begins in Beverly Hills, where the eight competing teams are instructed to prepare a signature dish that must be sold for at least $20. Later, they are given a second challenge to complete in San Francisco."
"The seven remaining teams are unable to restock their supplies when they arrive in Portland, Ore.; and later, they are told geoduck must be their main ingredient in all menu items."
"The six remaining teams travel to the mountains of Pocatello, Idaho, where they are told to remove all starches from their menus. Their next challenge finds them digging up spuds at a local farm and using what they collect as the main ingredient in their recipes."
"The five remaining teams meet Tyler at Mount Rushmore, where they are given money to shop for supplies in Rapid City, S.D., but without use of their cars. The next day, a side of bison must be butchered and then incorporated fully into their menus."
"The four remaining teams enter the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Challenges include serving food on a stick and cooking with Spam."
"Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel judges a pizza challenge. Later, the teams must incorporate hot dogs in all of their menu items."
"In the fourth-season finale, the last leg of the race sends the remaining teams all over the East Coast, beginning with a stop in Annapolis, Md., followed by a crab challenge\u2014and a surprise elimination\u2014at a Chesapeake Bay wharf. Afterward, grub is sold in the suburbs of Virginia; and the winner is declared in Washington, D.C."
Season 5 - The Great Food Truck Race
"Eight teams arrive in Santa Barbara, Cal., to compete for their very own food truck in the Season 5 premiere. Their first challenge is to define their brand and create a signature dish."
"The teams are told to come up with creative marketing campaigns when they arrive in Tucson, where they also face the challenge of putting their own twists on a hot dog loved by locals and performing a catchy jingle at a folk festival."
"The trucks pair up when in Austin for a event; and on the next day, switch trucks and sell their partners' food. Later, Tyler reveals that the elimination comes down to a $6 deficit."
"Time-management skills are tested when the teams arrive in Oklahoma City, where they are forced to embrace local favorites. Included: Steak dishes are mandatory on Day 1; and prime meat is grounded by hand to make fried-onion burgers on Day 2."
"The final four teams arrive in St. Louis and are greeted with a challenge involving a premium food product. The next day, they are given the chance to double their week's till."
"Three teams remain when the competition arrives in Mobile, Ala., where host Tyler Florence challenges them to cook locally. Also: He wants everyone to add a brunch dish to their menus."
"The Season 5 finale brings the remaining two teams to Florida, where they have to demonstrate what they have learned throughout the race as they vie to make the most money and win the top prize."
Season 6 - The Great Food Truck Race
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"The five teams arrive in Santa Fe, N.M., where they are faced with hot weather and hot flavors when Tyler challenges them to use peppers to create a dish that's representative of the city. Later, they are given only one hour to shop for an entire weekend of selling."
"The final four race to Texas, where steak determines how much seed money each team receives. Later, a Speed Bump is encountered; and an elimination occurs during a visit to the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo."
"When the top three teams arrive in Tulsa, Tyler Florence takes away their phones and internet abilities: All of their research, outreach, marketing and navigation have to be done the old-fashioned way. He then challenges them to build roadside attractions to pull in customers. On their second day, the teams sell at one of the last drive-ins on Route 66. They race from car to car, knowing that each lost sale could be the one that sends them home."
"Season 6 comes to a finish with the final two teams arriving in St. Louis, where Tyler challenges them to create three dishes with three different proteins in 30 minutes. Then, it's off to Chicago (well, after a quick detour) as they race to sell three different ethnic dishes in three different neighborhoods in hopes of winning $50,000."
Season 8 - The Great Food Truck Race
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Season 9 - The Great Food Truck Race
"Seven teams gather at a cattle ranch outside of Los Angeles to take on the first challenge: each team must squeeze a pitcher of orange juice to receive the seed money and keys to the truck."
"Tyler Florence welcomes the teams to Las Vegas and gives them a challenge using one of the most popular items on Vegas menus: shrimp. Each truck must create their own ultimate shrimp dish to sell on Fremont Street, and the team that makes the most money wins a prime parking spot for selling the next day. Then, Tyler and Las Vegas restaurateur Elizabeth Blau visit the teams to offer business and culinary advice, and the teams sell their signature dishes on the streets of Vegas, with the least successful truck being eliminated."
"The trucks meet Tyler at a Sonic Drive-In in Phoenix, Ariz., for a blind taste test and original savory dish challenge inspired by Sonic's signature drinks; the truck that made the least money is sent home, and the four remaining teams move forward."
"The trucks roll into Yuma, Ariz., and head to the historic Yuma Territorial Prison; the teams complete a relay challenge involving artichokes and bacon, then the chefs must add an original dish using those ingredients to their food truck menus."
"The final three teams head to the Coachella Valley in Southern California ahead of a massive country music festival; Tyler Florence educates the teams on locally grown Medjool dates; each truck must create and sell an original date dish."
Season 10 - The Great Food Truck Race
"Nine teams arrive on the boardwalk in Myrtle Beach, S.C., where Tyler Florence challenges them to create the perfect, portable summer dish. After one team pulls off a surprising win, disaster strikes with a food truck crash. Tyler gives the teams a second challenge -- to make a dish featuring a seafood staple -- but one team refuses to participate. Ultimately, one team is eliminated and eight head toward Hilton Head Island, S.C., ready to do whatever it takes to win the grand prize of $50,000."
"Eight food truck teams arrive at the prestigious Harbour Town Golf Links on Hilton Head Island, S.C., where Tyler Florence awaits on the 18th hole with a putting challenge and a mandate to sell classic Carolina barbecue. Then the teams head to Shelter Cove for two days of selling to hungry locals and tourists alike. Tyler throws a wrench in their plans when he devises a challenge with a South Carolina treat: boiled peanuts."
"The seven remaining teams race toward the checkered flag of the Daytona International Speedway as Tyler Florence welcomes the food trucks to Florida. Tyler hits the teams with a doughnut-making challenge that could make or break them. A shrimp challenge on day two tests the teams, but with one team losing members unexpectedly and another incurring a health code violation, Daytona becomes anyone's race to win."
"Six food truck teams meet up with Tyler Florence in Tampa, Fla., and are shocked to see a squadron of police officers arrive with sirens blaring. The officers are there to judge a contest based on Tampa's gift to the culinary world: the Cuban sandwich. After the challenge, the teams struggle with stormy weather and finding a good location to sell in the city, leading to one truck's elimination."
"Tyler Florence gives the five remaining food truck teams a terrifying gator challenge in Fort Myers, Fla. They have to step up their game with a burger that takes creative risks and face a secret chef judge. One team breaks away from the pack to sell in an unexpected location, but the move could end up sending them home."
"Tyler Florence makes the four remaining food truck teams throw javelins to determine their protein in a skewer challenge, and the winner gets to choose the team to pair up with for the day of selling in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. A Sonic Drive-In shake challenge puts everyone's sweet skills to the test, and a thrilling elimination twist has the power to change everything."
"Tyler Florence finds out what makes the final three teams tick when he spends time with each food truck in Miami, Fla. Challenges to make a crowd-pleasing pork dish and an innovative coffee creation keep all the cooks on their toes, and with the $50,000 prize so close, tensions flare like never before."
"Tyler Florence meets the final two food trucks as they go head-to-head in sunny Key West, Fla. A spiny lobster, a key lime challenge and an unexpected visitor galvanize the teams to give it their all in the final push. In the end, one team closes the doors of their food truck and one walks away with the grand prize of $50,000.(TD)"
Season 11 - The Great Food Truck Race
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Season 12 - The Great Food Truck Race
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