Tapping into the geopolitics of hacking and surveillance, Ben Makuch travels the world to meet with hackers, government officials, and dissidents to investigate the ecosystem of cyberwarfare.

Genre: Documentary

Actor: Ben Makuch

Country: USA

Duration: 24 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 7.8

Season 1 - Cyberwar
"The notorious hacktivist collective Anonymous has targeted everyone from PayPal to the FBI. But a string of arrests have crippled the group. So who is Anonymous now?"
"Sony Pictures was hacked and the U.S. blamed North Korea. But the government's evidence wasn't all that convincing, and many hackers and computer experts still have doubts."
"Authoritarian regimes are using spyware tools bought from private companies in the West. Hacker PhineasFisher targeted these companies to reveal their deals to suppress dissent."
"From Google to the government, China has hacked many American networks. But there\u2019s a difference between spying and stealing intellectual property."
"On the frontlines of one of the world's bloodiest conflicts, a parallel war is being fought in cyberspace. Is Syria's cyber battlefield creating a model for the wars of the future?"
"Stuxnet was a sophisticated cyber attack on an Iranian nuclear plant that may have changed the nature of warfare forever."
"As Iran ramps up its offensive cyber operations, American critical infrastructure is increasingly vulnerable to attacks."
"Tailored Access Operations, or TAO, is the NSA's elite hacking force. TAO employs some of America's best hackers--so who are their targets?\u200b\u200b"
"\u201cZero days\u201d are bugs in software that hackers use to break into systems. Some are valued at up to a million dollars, with both buyers and sellers shrouded in secrecy."
"In a war with ISIS online, is Anonymous working with the U.S. government?"
"After Ashley Madison, a hook-up site for married people, got hacked, its users weren't the only ones exposed - turns out the cheating site may have been cheating its own customers."
"Israel is one of the world\u2019s cyber super powers. So how did this tiny nation grow so strong \u2013 and who is it targeting?"
"A cyber attack on Ukraine's power grid leaves thousands of people in the dark as a military conflict involving Russia rages in the east."
"Russian cybercrime is big business \u2013 and some say hackers get a pass when they work double duty for Putin and his geopolitical ambitions."
"Exploring how wars of the future might be fought with autonomous machines, drones and weapons that can act on their own and whether it's ever OK to write code that can kill."
"From self-driving cars to Siri, a race is on to build more powerful AI, but some warn we could be programming our own extinction."
Season 2 - Cyberwar
"Ben Makuch shows how memes are the Alt-Right's most powerful weapon in America's online culture war--reshaping the political and ideological landscape."
"We know Russia hacked the DNC to try to influence the election. Ben Makuch travels from D.C. to Moscow to track down the hackers who actually pulled it off."
"NATO troops amass along Russia's borders as U.S. officials grapple with Putin's election meddling. How will a battle that started in cyberspace play out on the ground?"
"Intelligence agencies partner with companies to spy on American citizens. But a few brave activists are risking it all to fight this growing cyber-surveillance industrial complex."
"5 million new gadgets are connected to the net daily. Each one on your network is a potential doorway for hackers. Are the new smart devices worth the risk?"
"The world's most powerful government vs. the internet's most influential whistleblower site. Is America's war on Wikileaks an attack on journalism and free speech?"
"America builds a global killing machine, using data to identify and take out suspected terrorists. Ben heads to Pakistan to see how the CIA and NSA put together the kill list."