First and Last

Cameras enter Georgia's Gwinnett County Jail to document the first days of its newest inmates and the final days of those about to be released.

Genre: Documentary

Country: N/A

Duration: 40 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2018

IMDb: 6.7

Season 1 - First and Last
"Alex faces pressure not to snitch as he scrambles to make bond. Velma and Shantee unpack their troubled pasts and prepare for long-awaited freedom."
"Keith writes letters of advice to himself, while Tyna gets tough love from her cousin. Former dancer Ariana finds her first day full os frustrations."
"An armed robbery charge could make Jarid miss a big job interview. Taylor readies for release and a her relationship with her mom."
"Arrested for the first time, Benjamin and Angela struggle with disbelief during intake. Dustin dreams of an upcoming vacation with his girlfriend."
"Toyea addresses her anger issues, Christopher returns to Gwinnett on his 21st birthday, and Cedric reflects on his mental health challenges."
"Hours from release, Amy shares her unique perspective on jail time, and Gwinnett officials discuss what they've learned about young inmates."